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We feature yummy, delicious and aged to perfection fruit cake, rum cake and gluten free rum cake. Gluten -free never tasted so divine.

Feeling nostalgic for those old-time holiday festive or seasonal baked goodies that bring back memories
of when life was simple and everything your mom or grandma baked was oh-so-delicious? You’re at the
right place, because Island Girl Bakeries makes delicious mouthwatering baked classics. Our specialty
is fruitcake and we offer two types: Jamaican style rum fruitcake and old-fashion English style fruitcake.

Jamaican style rum / fruit cake.

Jamaican style fruit cake is commonly called rum cake because of its vibrant reppin of classic liquors like J Wray & Nephew’s white rum along with full-bodied red wines, which we use in all of our cakes. Served as a sweet treat at any festive occasion, Island Girl Bakeries Rum Cake will always be the talk of the town and the life of the party.

 It is also known as black cake/Christmas cake, a name that references the smooth ebony mahogany colour textured by its brilliantly spiced, fruity, boozy, moist, crumble profile and aged to perfection. Christmas cake because it is a delicacy served during the Christmas season in the Caribbean. Whether you call it rum cake, fruit cake, black cake or Christmas cake, Island Girl Bakeries’ rum cakes will take you down memory lane, whetting your taste buds with its exciting flavour profile.
A must-have at your dessert table and all your social gatherings. This yummy, rich cake will keep you going back for more and we’re confidant that it will be the first to go. Served with a cup of coffee, tea, a glass of cold, sorrel drink, a la mode or a dollop of whipped cream. Whichever way your heart desires, you will instantly fall in love with this cake and it will become your favourite, sinfully sweet tooth obsession. 

For those who are gluten-intolerant, we offer a gluten-free version, which is just as delicious and made with healthy gluten-free flours.   

Old-fashion, English style fruitcake

The thought and memories of a good old-fashioned fruitcake is part and parcel of the holiday season. Island Island Girl Bakeries old-fashion English style fruitcake is a decadent concoction of wholesome, delicious goodness. Ripened to perfection and meant to adorn the dessert table during the holiday season but suitable for any year-round occasion, it is a masterful centerpiece representing family heritage and tradition. Island Girl Bakeries Old-Fashion English style fruit cake is moist, buttery, rich, boozy and beautifully spiced with its plummy-flavored consistency and will leave you delighted that you purchased this classic. Island Girl Bakeries Old-Fashion English style fruitcake is a festive favorite, in and out of season, and is available all year round.


“A Party Without Island Girl Bakeries Rum Cake Is Really Just A Meeting.”

Ideas how to decorate and serve your Island girl cake when having a party

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